Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wow! We can't believe it has almost been a full year already! We've been pretty busy this past year with science outreach, our annual symposium, mentoring students, and our New Science Cafe we started this year! With recap blogs coming soon and new ideas for next year brewin', we want to first take out the time to show the faces of NOBCChE (some new and some old:)! This is the first time NOBCChE-IU has had over 10 members and we hope to keep our members inspired so that they continue to serve  until they graduate. 

Meet the lineup!:

We are so thankful for their contributions so far and we look forward to what they will do next year! Follow us on FACEBOOK to learn more about our members! 

This reminds me, we have had (2) graduate student members defend this year PLUS (2) student members who will serve as lecturer next semester and defend in Spring 2015! This was both exciting AND devasting news. Let me explain. We are excited that these students all graduate with their PhD in Chemistry BUT we miss them dearly already! We plan to blog about them later with an update about their exciting new careers-So stay tuned!

Thank you for checking us out! More & consistent blogs coming soon!


Thursday, March 27, 2014


NOBCChE National Conference
October 1-4, 2013, Indianapolis, IN

Fifth Annual IUB NOBCChE Research Symposium
Saturday, October 12


Stella Aniagyei (ex-President) with the help of Ruwan Kurulugama (ex-Vice President) and Esther Uduehi (Secretary)wrote a grant proposal seeking funds from the University President's $1 million Diversity Initiative to support our chapter. We are proud to report that we were 1 of 4 proposals funded on the Bloomington campus! Included in the other 3 is SNMA-MAPS with whom we are sponsoring a research symposium May 3rd, 2009.

Thanks to the initiative, we were able to send 2 faculty, 1 graduate student and 1 undergrad to the national conference in St. Louis held April 13-17, 2009, to give presentations as well as recruit prospective students.

Congratulations to the following on their awards at this year's Chemistry Honors Banquet: Ba Tran- E. Campaigne C500 award 
Jeremy Felton, Fese Mokube and Lynette Prophyl - Deans Allocation Fellowships
Jeremy Felton - Graduate Scholars Fellowship
Kasha Casey - Theodore C. Mays Fellowship
Esther Uduehi - Chemistry Honors Program, Chemistry Honor Roll, Russel Leo and Trula Sidwell Hardy Scholarship


Thanks to the hard work of our first executive board, we were able to grow the chapter during this year to 23 strong members - graduate and undergraduates!!

We were also honored to meet with Dr Edward Yokley, Chief Scientist, StormRider Technologies Inc., when he guest lectured as part of the Chemistry Department's Horizons in Chemistry Series. Here is what Dr. Kenneth Miller, IU alum with SABIC Innovative Plastics wrote about the series in the Chemistry alumni journal (Vol 53, Fall 2008): IU Chemistry introduced a new seminar series in Spring 2007 that is targeted at providing students with an expanded perspective on research done outside of a university environment and a look at the many career paths available to chemists.
Our chapter finally got assigned an office Chemistry 702 thanks to Dr. Mindiola and the Department.

Indiana University Bloomington officially became a member of the GEM consortium! Click here for more on this. We would like to especially acknowledge the Chemistry Graduate Office, AGEP Director Dr. Yolanda Trevino, Dr Kenneth Miller of SABIC Innovative Plastics (our GEM sponsor) and Dr. Michael Edwards for work done by them and others to make this a reality.

Our chapter not only participated in the Eli Lilly - NOBCChE professional chapter of Indianapolis co-sponsored Biotech Conference in October 2008, Stella and Ruwan were both members of the college phase planning committee that helped organize the conference. Great job, guys! Looking forward to next year's!


Our student chapter is given the go-ahead by the national organization at the annual NOBCChE conference in Philadelphia.

Stella Aniagyei, then chapter president and co-founder, secured a NOBCChE Student Support Award (covers registration and lodging) and travel compensation from AGEP to present at the national conference.

Dan Mindiola, PhD and Mu-Hyun "Mookie" Baik, PhD successfully secure funding for our chapter through AGEP's Breaking Ground Initiatives.